Why Guitar Strap Locks Are A Must For Your Les Paul!

I've always been a fan of Japanese fusion maestro Kazumi Watanabe. In this video from the 2003 Tokyo Jazz Festival, Kazumi-san is seen fronting a trio including Richard Bona on bass and Horacio Hernandez on drums. A power trio indeed!

Kazumi is playing a beautiful wine-red Les Paul Custom and grooving along nicely until disaster stikes! Fast forward to 4:55 in the video below to where Kazumi takes his hands off his guitar for a mere second before it comes crashing onto his pedalboard! Yikes!

Blame it on that vinyl strap he was using. Fortunately, after a minor tuneup, the guitar seemed none the worse for wear. But I bet it sustained a nasty abrasion from where it hit the ground.

Remember folks, we should always be using strap locks on our Les Paul guitars!

My personal preference is the Dunlop Dual Design StrapLok system. I've had these for years on my more valuable guitars and they have served me extremely well. A small investment to save that 8 lb Les Paul from crashing to the floor.

Les Paul Brockburst Replica By Max Baranet

This is a Les Paul replica built by Max Baranet in the late '90s.

Baranet chose to model this guitar on the famous 'Brockburst' 1959 Gibson Les Paul which was discovered by collector Dan Brock. It is considered one of the prime examples of a 1959 Les Paul and has graced the cover of several guitar magazines as well as guitar coffee table books like Beauty Of The 'Burst.

Peter 'Max' Baranet, the underground luthier best known for building 1959 Les Paul replicas, also built several guitars that found their way into the hands of one Saul Hudson, aka Slash. Although the guitar used by Slash exclusively on Guns 'N Roses debut Appetite For Destruction was built by another legendary replica builder, Kris Derrig.

Given their close association with Slash, Baranet's Les Paul replicas are very intriguing to guitar players who have sought out the 'holy grail' of Les Paul tones.

This Les Paul Brockburst replica is built out of private stash, 70-year old tone woods -- Honduran mahogany for the back and neck, Eastern maple for the guitar's top, and highly sought-after, but nearly impossible to get Brazillian rosewood for the fingerboard.

As with most of Baranet's guitars, this Les Paul replica was sent out to Dave Johnson for paint and finish. Johnson applied this very beautiful, '59 vintage-approved cherry 'Brockburst'.

Electronically, this guitar is equipped with Throbak SLE 101 humbuckers and original '59 Bumblebee capacitors. OTP pickup rings, and a '58/'59 pickguard complete the vintage vibe. This guitar weighs in at a hefty 8.9 lbs.

Read here for more about the Ghostbuilders of Slash's Les Paul Replicas.

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom With Single P90

This is the type of pickup configuration you don't see too often on a Les Paul Custom.
For this guitar, the folks at the Gibson Custom Shop decided to forego the usual Les Paul twin humbucking pickups in favor of a single P90 and a basic volume and tone control.

According to seller, he did a background check on this guitar's serial number with Gibson to see how many were made and all they could tell him was that it was part of a very limited run by their Custom Shop.

Tone-wise, not the most versatile Les Paul, but a collectible one nonetheless.

eBay Item #: 180881725069

1959 Les Paul Standard Owned By Jay Geils

Here's a listing for a 1959 Les Paul Standard owned by Jay Geils of the J. Geils Band.

Owned by Jay since 1967 when he swapped it for a 50's Les Paul Custom, this guitar came to him in less than ideal condition -- refinished with a paintbrush and sporting a Bigsby vibrato in place of the original stop tailpiece.

The guitar was completely refinished by Boston guitar repairman Eddie Murray who also replaced the frets, stop tailpiece, bridge, tuners, pickguard and knobs with after-market Gibson parts.

This guitar fell during a recording session for J. Geils Band's 'Monkey Island' (1977) and sustained a break behind the headstock which was also repaired by Eddie Murray.

According to the seller, the original zebra PAF pickups, pickup mounting rings, pots and capacitors are completely original, as are the nickel-plated pickup covers included with this guitar.

The slightly hotter output of these PAF pickups measure in at 8.46k for the neck and 8.37k for the bridge.

The asking price for this '59 Les Paul ? A cool quarter million.

eBay Item #: 220989181434
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